• Live and study in Seoul’s university district, Sincheon-Hongdae, an energetic neighborhood bustling with students from Seoul’s major universities! Join them for a quick bite at a nearby cafe, browsing the boutiques, or simply checking out some of Seoul’s best street performers. ISEP students live in guaranteed housing in modern apartments with a private bedroom.

• For students seeking Korean cultural immersion at a prestigious university conveniently located in the heart of Seoul, Yonsei University provides over 800 courses offered in English in a variety of fields.  

• Local ISEP Program Advisor, Brian Min, assists students in Seoul by coordinating housing, sharing events, and connecting them with each other. Yonsei University staff also support incoming students, and Yonsei Global and the Mentors Club offer lots of sightseeing and social outings for international students. 

• Students participating in Yonsei University's extensive global program offerings can partake in one of the best programs in Asia due to its globally renowned faculty and innovative curriculum. 


Study in the capital of K-Pop and Asian pop culture! Seoul, a major business, tech, and political hub, is a whirlwind of action and cutting-edge fashion. A blend of beckoning street food, blazing neon, energetic nightlife, and historic architecture keeps everyday life exciting. When it’s time for a change of pace, explore South Korea’s beautiful natural landscapes, take a trip to the beach, or head into the mountains—it's all easily accessible. 


Beginning in Fall 2023, ISEP Direct students live in guaranteed, ISEP-arranged housing in Sinchon, a bustling shopping district and student-friendly neighborhood near Yonsei Unviersity. You'll have a small, private bedroom with bed, desk, and storage inside a 3 person apartment with a shared ensuite bathroom and small kitchenette. The 15 story building features communal kitchen space, relaxation rooms, study rooms, a cinema room, a rooftop terrace, and more. The apartment building provides a chance to connect with locals and offers a range of amenities. Close to public transportation, shopping, restaurants, and more, it’s easy to enjoy all Seoul has to offer and get to class on time! ISEP Direct students may also apply for housing through Yonsei, however it is competitive and not all students are able to secure a room. ISEP Exchange students will apply for housing through Yonsei’s international office.  


Dive into the street food culture of Seoul with local delicacies such as spicy rice cakes, Mandu (Korean dumplings), or Instagram-able Korean corn dogs. If you prefer to prepare your own meals, purchase groceries at a nearby market or grocery store and cook in your kitchenette or communal kitchen. We recommend ISEP Direct students budget approximately KRW 400,000 per month (~280 USD) for meals. 


Join a club! The most popular clubs for international students are Yonsei Global and Mentors Club, which offer many activities throughout the semester including a language exchange, sightseeing opportunities, retreats, activities, and a buddy program. These clubs offer a fantastic chance to meet new friends and create lasting memories.  


Seoul is known for its convenient and inexpensive transportation costs. Busan, Korea’s second biggest city, is only 2-3 hours by train near and offers views of the East Sea and scrumptious seafood dining. Or take a weekend trip to sites that highlight South Korea’s history and culture such as shrines, temples, fortresses, palaces, and Buddhist monasteries. 


Yonsei offers many resources to help you thrive during your time abroad, including a student counseling service, a disability support office, and a career development center. To promote a healthy lifestyle, Yonsei offers access to everything you need to keep fit, including a fitness center, a swimming pool, a tennis court, and more!  


Yonsei Global offers students the opportunity to serve the Korean community and experience a different aspect of Korean culture. For example, volunteer at a care center for the elderly or at the children’s ward at Yonsei Severance Hospital. At the end of the volunteer program, it is common to go on a short overnight trip and play games, eat, and drink to get to know the other volunteers. 


Brian (Kyung Hwan) Min, ISEP’s Seoul-based team member, provides extra support for ISEP students in Seoul and holds ISEP student meet-up events two to three times a semester. Past examples of events he has held include stamp-making and leather case-making, temple food tasting and a K-pop dancing session. Brian has an academic background in Psychology (BA), Women’s and Gender Studies (BA), and Higher Education and Student Affairs (MA). After studying in the US, Brian returned to Korea in 2015 and served in the Air Force. He has also worked in intercultural education, tourism, online teaching, and entrepreneurship (start-up). Brian is passionate about student success and fostering an inclusive and safe environment. 

What We Love About Yonsei University 

We love that so many notable alumni attended Yonsei University, including Bong Joon-ho (Director of the award-winning movie Parasite), Seo Jang-hoon (former professional basketball player), Jun Hyun-moo (South Korean TV personality), Kang Kyung-hwa (South Korean diplomat and politician), and so many more. You will walk the same halls that these world-renowned alumni once walked and learn from some of the same professors that taught them! 

See the ISEP Direct budget and estimated expenses.

Program Website

Course Description

One of the most popular programs in the ISEP Direct portfolio, Yonsei University offers students the opportunity to study in both English and Korean.  Some program highlights include Korean language learning, Korean history and cultural studies, East Asian studies, business, literature, and the humanities. For those who prefer the sciences, Yonsei also offers a wide variety of classes taught in English in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, math, and physics.  

The chart below reflects some of the more common classes ISEP students have taken in the past.  Use this to get started planning your own study abroad experience at Yonsei University! 

Credits Earned 

Students who complete the program in good standing can expect to earn 12-18 credits which ISEP recommends is the equivalent of 12-18 U.S. Credit Hours. Each course will be worth approximately 3 credits and meets 3 hours per week. 

If you use financial aid, please speak with a qualified financial aid advisor to understand your academic obligations and the requirements for using financial aid. 

Sample Classes Available: 


Arts, Film, & Design 


  Korean Language & International Studies 




Marketing, Advertising, & Journalism 




Math & Sciences 


Digital Studio 


Exploring Seoul: Geography of the City 




Integrated Marketing Communications 


C++ Programming 


Calculus 1 


Understanding a Visual Language in Film & other Media 


K-Pop as a Transnational Phenomenon 


Business Statistics 


International Advertising & Communication 


Convergence Engineering Communication 


Engineering Mathematics 1 


Designing Sustainably 


Korean History & Culture 


Business Communication 


Introduction to Advertising 


Engineer & Society 


Engineering Mathematics 2 


Media Industry in Korea 


The Rise of the Korean Wave 


Business Law 


Photo & Video Journalism 


Academic Writing for Engineers 


Numerical Analysis


For detailed instructions on how to search for all available courses, please click on the "other academic conditions" dropdown link below.

Website for Course Availability

ISEP STUDENT SERVICES OFFICER Rachel Brown 703-504-9994 | Thanks for your interest in ISEP Study Abroad! I’m your Student Services Officer and main point of contact here at ISEP. As you search for programs, I'll be available to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to contact me at any point in your search process for help, tips or advice.


(in English)

*This program is OK for Sophomores

Fields of Study

  • Architecture

    Environmental Design/Architecture

  • Area Studies:

    Asian Studies Korean Studies United States Studies

  • Biology:

    Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Genetics Microbiology and Immunology Physiology Plant Physiology Zoology/Animal Biology

  • Business: Recommended!

    Accounting Business Communications Business Management Business Statistics Economics Finance International Business/Trade/Commerce Marketing

  • Communication

  • Computer and Information Sciences

  • Education

    Physical Education Teaching and Coaching

  • Engineering: Recommended!

    Aeronautical Engineering Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Electrical and Electronics Engineering Environmental Engineering Industrial Engineering Mechanical Engineering Nanotechnology Systems Engineering Textile Sciences and Engineering

  • English Language and Literature

  • Foreign Languages and Literatures: Recommended!

    Chinese Language and Literature French Language and Literature German Language and Literature Korean Language and Literature Russian Language and Literature

  • History

  • Human Services:

    Public Administration Social Work

  • International/Global Studies Recommended!

  • Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Library and Information Science

  • Mathematics

  • Philosophy and Religious Studies

    Theological Studies

  • Physical Sciences:

    Astronomy Astrophysics Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology Chemistry Physics Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

  • Psychology

  • Social Sciences:

    Anthropology Human Development and Family Studies Political Science and Government Sociology

Academic Requirements

  • U.S. GPA: 2.5 or higher
  • TOEFL iBT Score: 79
  • IELTS Score: 6.5

Special Application Instructions

Students need to have the equivalent of a 2.5 out of 4.0 GPA, or a C or above ECTS equivalent, to study at Yonsei. 

All ISEP applicants must be at least sophomores when they apply. Students without two complete semesters on their transcript will not be confirmed. Transfer students must have at least one semester completed at their home university. 

Applications for this program are competitive and spaces per semester are limited. We encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible.

Students are required to submit an internal application following their placement which is required of the host institution. Instructions will be sent by the ISEP Host Coordinator by email.

Students from non-native English-speaking countries whose current degree program at their home university is held in 100% English may apply. Students must attach a letter from their home university verifying this into their “Additional Documents” of their ISEP application and contact their ISEP Student Services Officer.

Cambridge English tests with a result of at least B2 are accepted for this program.

PASSPORT: All students must have a valid passport to participate in this program. If you do not have a valid passport, we suggest you start the application process as soon as possible.

VISA/RESIDENCE PERMIT: Most students attending this program will be required to obtain a visa/residence permit. For more information on the process and estimated cost, please review the ISEP Country Handbook here.

Other Academic Conditions

Yonsei University offers classes specifically for international study abroad students. These classes include Korean language, Korean and East Asian studies, and general education requirements taught in English. ISEP Direct students may also enroll into courses with local students at Yonsei University. Recommended disciplines include business, humanities, English literature, economics, math, physics, and engineering.  

Check Yonsei's course catalog to find courses that have been offered in past semesters: 

1. Click "Course Catalogue and Syllabus: Undergraduate & Graduate." This will open the course catalog. 

2. Check "English Course Only" on the bottom right. 

3. Choose from among the Undergraduate Programs list, and choose the appropriate college for the subject you wish to explore. You must choose a college, but you do not need to choose any other drop downs if you prefer not to. Many popular courses are listed under "Study Abroad."  

4. Choose the appropriate year and semester. Because catalogs may not be complete for the semester you plan to search for, you may need to choose that semester for the previous year. For example, if you plan to study abroad for Fall 2021, select "2nd semester" and "2020" for Fall 2020 classes. Keep in mind classes may change in availability before registration. 

5. Click the magnifying glass to search. If no classes generate, there are either no English-taught classes in that subject, or the catalog hasn't been created for that semester. Note that only courses with an "O" in the "Exchange" column will be available to ISEP students. 

6. For course descriptions, click the blue arrow under "course code-Sec.(-Lab)." For syllabi, click the purple arrow. 

Students must be enrolled in a business-related major at their home university in order to take courses in the Department of Business Administration. ISEP students may enroll in a maximum of four business courses from the Department of Business Administration. Additional business-related courses are also available in the Department of Economics and in the Study Abroad courses.

Registration for courses in Computer Science is competitive and seat availability is limited. Students are encouraged to be as flexible as possible and prepare alternate course options.

The college of medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, music, law and MBA, as well as, the biomedical engineering field of study, are not available for ISEP students. 

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