Note: Space at Yonsei University is limited. Placement at Yonsei University is guaranteed on ISEP Direct for all students who meet the eligibility requirements until the program is filled.

For students seeking Korean cultural immersion at a prestigious university conveniently located in the heart of Seoul, Yonsei University offers over 800 courses offered in English in a variety of fields. Experience all that Korea has to offer at Korea’s top private university, located in Seoul’s university district, Sincheon-Hongdae. The district bustles with students from Seoul’s major universities, and students have easy access to cafes, boutiques, and street performers. Yonsei is known for shaping global leaders, its alumni have gone on to hold some of the highest positions in Korean government.

Yonsei University is a dynamic learning environment that holds many events and activities throughout the year. Please note that in-person activities may be limited during COVID-19.

Students can engage with local students through Yonsei Global, which plans and prepares programs that create opportunities for Yonseians to meet students with overseas experience as well as exchange students every month. The Yonsei Mentors Club also encourages interaction between international and regular Yonsei students on a one-to-one basis called the Buddy Program. International students are matched with Yonsei students in pairs based on their interests, hobbies and goals written on their applications. 

Centrally located in Seoul, students at Yonsei also have access to a number of cultural activities throughout the city and within easy traveling distance in South Korea. Affordable and fast public transportation makes it easy and safe to explore the region independently or with friends.


·       ISEP Direct students at Yonsei will apply for dormitory housing, which is available on a first come, first served basis. Students will pay Yonsei directly for their housing expenses, they are not included in the program fee.

·        Most students prefer to live in SK Global House, which offers extensive dining options, a coffee shop, a convenience store, a lounge, computer room, study room, laundry room, fitness room, shared kitchen, and music room. Additional housing options are available. Students may also secure their own housing if they have specific needs that cannot be accommodated by Yonsei's housing options.

·        SK Global House offers two-person dorm rooms for roughly $1,591 USD per term. 

·       Please note on campus housing is extremely limited and fills up immediately upon opening.  Students should be prepared to stay in off campus housing and support for securing housing is available from the host office.

Estimated cost of attendance:


2022 Fall Semester

ISEP Direct Yonsei University

Sept. 1 – Dec. 21, 2022



2023 Spring Semester

ISEP Direct Yonsei University

March 2023 – June 2023



2022-2023 Academic Year 

ISEP Direct Yonsei University

Sept. 1 2022, - June 2023



Tuition & Insurance: $9,150



Tuition & Insurance: $9,150



Tuition & Insurance: $18,300



Estimated housing: $1,591



Estimated housing: $1,591



Estimated housing: $4,000



Estimated meals: $3,000



Estimated meals: $3,000



Estimated meals: $6,000



Tuition, Housing, & Meals: $13,741



Tuition, Housing, & Meals: $13,741



Tuition, Housing, & Meals: $28,300


Yonsei University offers extensive courses in both English and Korean. Yonsei University is highly recommended for Korean language learning, Korean history and cultural studies, East Asian studies, business, literature, and the humanities. Yonsei also offers a wide variety of classes taught in English in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, math, and physics. 



Additional courses available. Please see the Yonsei Course Catalog below for a complete list.



Korean Language & Korean Studies



Humanities & Social Sciences






Math & Science





Korean Language

Art of the Short Story

Principles of Accounting

Linear Algebra

Engineering Mathematics

Korean Literature & History

Plot in Fiction and Film

Organizational Behavior



Beginning Korean Writing

Comparative English Literature


Modern Algebra

Creative Mechanical Engineering Design

Korean Art History

Interpersonal Communication

Financial Management

Complex Geometry


Introduction to Korean Studies

Game Theory & Politics

Investment Theory

Solid State Physics

Nano Mechanical Engineering

Modern Korean History

Politics, Media, and Globalization

Management Accounting

Physics Lab

Electronic Circuits

Pre-Modern Korean History

Contemporary Theories in Cultural Anthropology

Cost Accounting

Elementary Particle Physics

Electricity & Magnetism

Introduction to Korean Philosophy

Introduction to Psychology

Corporate Finance

Advanced Quantum Mechanics

Signal and Systems

Korean Traditional Music & Culture

Philosophy in East Asian Literature

International Management

Complex Analysis

Data Structures

Korean Popular Culture & Korean Wave

Political Economy of Welfare & Distribution

Management Information Systems

Atmospheric Thermodynamics

System Programming

Korea – U.S. Relations

Sustainable Development & Energy Policy

Strategic Management


Thermodynamics of Materials


Program Website

Course Description

Yonsei University offers classes specifically for international study abroad students. These classes include Korean language, Korean and East Asian studies, and general education requirements taught in English. ISEP Direct students may also enroll into courses with local students at Yonsei University. Recommended disciplines include business, humanities, English literature, economics, math, physics, and engineering. 

Check Yonsei's course catalog to find courses that have been offered in past semesters:

1. Click "Course Catalogue and Syllabus: Undergraduate & Graduate." This will open the course catalog.

2. Check "English Course Only".

3. Choose from among the Undergraduate Programs list, and choose the appropriate college for the subject you wish to explore. You must choose a college, but you do not need to choose any other drop downs if you prefer not to. Many popular courses are listed under "Study Abroad." 

4. Choose the appropriate year and semester. Because catalogs may not be complete for the semester you plan to search for, you may need to choose that semester for the previous year. For example, if you plan to study abroad for Fall 2021, select "2nd semester" and "2020" for Fall 2020 classes. Keep in mind classes may change in availability before registration.

4. Click the magnifying glass to search. If no classes generate, there are either no English-taught classes in that subject, or the catalog hasn't been created for that semester. Note that only courses with an "O" in the "Exchange" column will be available to ISEP students.

5. For course descriptions, click the blue arrow under "course code-Sec.(-Lab)." For syllabi, click the purple arrow.

Website for Course Availability

ISEP STUDENT SERVICES OFFICER Rachel Brown 703-504-9994 | Thanks for your interest in ISEP Study Abroad! I’m your Student Services Officer and main point of contact here at ISEP. As you search for programs, I'll be available to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to contact me at any point in your search process for help, tips or advice.


(in English)

*This program is OK for Sophomores

Fields of Study

  • Architecture

    Environmental Design/Architecture

  • Area Studies:

    Asian Studies Korean Studies United States Studies

  • Biology:

    Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Genetics Microbiology and Immunology Physiology Plant Physiology Zoology/Animal Biology

  • Business: Recommended!

    Accounting Business Communications Business Management Business Statistics Economics Finance International Business/Trade/Commerce Marketing

  • Communication

  • Computer and Information Sciences

  • Education

    Physical Education Teaching and Coaching

  • Engineering:

    Aeronautical Engineering Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Electrical and Electronics Engineering Environmental Engineering Industrial Engineering Mechanical Engineering Nanotechnology Systems Engineering Textile Sciences and Engineering

  • English Language and Literature

  • Foreign Languages and Literatures:

    Chinese Language and Literature French Language and Literature German Language and Literature Korean Language and Literature Russian Language and Literature

  • History

  • Human Services:

    Public Administration Social Work

  • International/Global Studies Recommended!

  • Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Library and Information Science

  • Mathematics Recommended!

  • Philosophy and Religious Studies

    Theological Studies

  • Physical Sciences: Recommended!

    Astronomy Astrophysics Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology Chemistry Physics Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

  • Psychology

  • Social Sciences:

    Anthropology Human Development and Family Studies Political Science and Government Sociology

Academic Requirements

  • U.S. GPA: 2.5 or higher
  • TOEFL iBT Score: 79
  • IELTS Score: 6.5

Special Application Instructions

Applications for this program are competitive and spaces per semester are limited. We encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible.

Students should plan to submit Yonsei University’s internal application through the Yonsei SAY Portal to complete their admission. The Yonsei Application fee is included in the ISEP Direct Program fees. Student will have to submit documentation to Yonsei University via post mail to receive visa-related paperwork. Students from non-OECD countries will need to send an academic background (apostilled certificate of enrollment) to receive their Certificate of Admission.

Students will receive guidelines and information about applying for housing in their email after they have completed their application and been accepted to Yonsei University.  After students apply for housing and receive their placement, they can request a housing invoice and pay for housing directly to Yonsei. 

Full year students can extend their dormitory stay during the break between the two semesters the student is studying. There is additional fee, which is included in the cost estimate above. 

Other Academic Conditions

Students need to have the equivalent of a 2.5 out of 4.0 GPA, or a C or above ECTS equivalent, to study at Yonsei.

ISEP students may enroll in a maximum of four business courses from the Department of Business Administration. Additional business-related courses are also available in the Department of Economics and in the Study Abroad courses. 

All ISEP applicants must be at least sophomores when they apply. Students without two complete semesters on their transcript will not be confirmed. Transfer students must have at least one semester completed at their home university.

The college of medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, music, law and MBA, as well as, the biomedical engineering field of study, are not available for ISEP students. 

PASSPORT: All students must have a valid passport to participate in this program. If you do not have a valid passport, we suggest you start the application process as soon as possible.

VISA/RESIDENCE PERMIT: Most students attending this program will be required to obtain a visa/residence permit. For more information on the process and estimated cost, please review the ISEP Country Handbook here.

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