Universidad de Murcia is located in the sunny, southeastern region of Spain near the coast. Founded in 825 by the Moors, the city is known for its stunning architecture, delicious local cuisine and cultural festivals, such as its Holy Week Procession. Murcia has a warm Mediterranean climate and its fertile soil, nurtured by the Segura River, has provided the nickname for the city: the orchard of Europe.

Universidad de Murcia, founded in 1915, is a public research university that offers modern facilities and excellent academic opportunities. The university is divided into four campuses located in Murcia and the surrounding areas: La Merced, Espinardo, San Javier and a Health Sciences campus. ISEP students mainly take courses at the La Merced and Espinardo campuses, unless studying sports or health sciences.

ISEP students immerse themselves in Spanish culture by taking university classes with local students and living in an apartment in the city. The university has an active student body, and ISEP students can participate in sports teams, cultural activities and student groups. The International Relations Office organizes a welcome week for international and local students at the beginning of each semester to participate in social activities and excursions around the region. ISEP students can also take advantage of Murcia’s “buddy program,” which matches new international students with a local student during the first few weeks of the semester. 

This full year ISEP Direct program combines a fall semester of the Spanish Language and Culture program with a spring semester of the Flexible Course Enrollment program.

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ISEP students studying in Murcia receive a combined monthly housing and meal stipend. Students live in shared student apartments, and search for accommodation using Murcia's approved housing provider, VIMUR. While accommodation assistance is provided, ISEP students are ultimately responsible for booking their own accommodation. 

To receive their ISEP stipend students will open a local bank account on arrival. Due to the administrative procedures involved, the first stipend takes up to three weeks to disburse. Students should have sufficient funds to cover expenses during this initial period (housing and meals, housing deposit, etc.) and budget accordingly. The first stipend payment will include benefits beginning from students' arrival date.

All ISEP students will be expected to budget their housing and meal stipend to pay monthly rent and purchase groceries and meals. Students can ask their ISEP Student Services Coordinator for tips, as well as checking out ISEP's resources for Budgeting for Study Abroad.

Course Description

In the first semester, students take Spanish language and Spanish culture courses with other international students. The program is offered at two levels: Beginner-high/intermediate-low (A2-B1) and Advanced-low (B2). On arrival, students will take a language placement test and may be divided into two groups according to their level of proficiency.

Spanish language and culture courses available during the first semester include:

  • Intensive Spanish Language
  • Written and Oral Expression
  • Spanish Politics and Society
  • Spanish Media and Communications
  • Geography of Spain
  • History of Spain
  • Spanish Literature
  • Spanish Art
  • Spanish Music

In the second semester, students enroll in regular university courses taught in Spanish alongside local students. Universidad de Murcia offers a wide range of academic subjects including business, communications, physical sciences, social sciences, education, Spanish literature and more.

Tips for finding courses:

1. View the list of degree programs

2. Click on "Guías Docentes" on the next page (blue book button). 

3. Courses are organized by semester and year. "Asignaturas de Primero" refers to first-year courses, "Asignaturas de Segundo" refers to second-year courses, etc. Look under the column labeled "Duración" to see when the course is offered. Courses labeled "Cuatr. (1)" run September – January and courses labeled "Cuatr. (2)" run February – June. 

4. Click on the course name to view the professor, class meeting times and syllabus. 

5. Click on the teal “Exámenes” button to view the exam schedule for a degree. Exams are typically held in Janauary for the fall semester, and in June for the spring semester, with a make-up period in July. Exam dates and times are subject to change. 


Website for Course Availability

ISEP STUDENT SERVICES OFFICER Kira Hakanson 703-504-9991 | Thanks for your interest in ISEP Study Abroad! I’m your Student Services Officer and main point of contact here at ISEP. As you search for programs, I'll be available to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to contact me at any point in your search process for help, tips or advice.

Universidad de Murcia

The University of Murcia is a public research university located in the southeastern part of Spain.  Even though its origin dates back to the thirteenth century, the university was officially...


(in Spanish)

*This program is OK for Sophomores

Fields of Study

  • Area Studies

    French Studies

  • Biology: Recommended!

    Animal Physiology Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Biophysics Botany/Plant Biology Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Genetics Physiology Plant Physiology Toxicology Zoology/Animal Biology

  • Business: Recommended!

    Accounting Business Management Business Statistics Economics Entrepreneurship Finance Human Resources Management Labor and Industrial Relations Marketing Organizational Leadership

  • Communication: Recommended!

    Advertising Journalism Mass Communication/Media Studies Public Relations Publishing

  • Computer and Information Sciences: Recommended!

    Artificial Intelligence Computer Applications Programming Informatics

  • Education: Recommended!

    Early Childhood Education Elementary Education Physical Education Teaching and Coaching Special Education Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language

  • Engineering:

    Chemical Engineering Computer Engineering Computer Software Engineering Environmental Engineering

  • English Language and Literature: Recommended!

    American Literature (United States) English Literature (British and Commonwealth)

  • Foreign Languages and Literatures: Recommended!

    Ancient/Classical Greek Language and Literature Arabic Language and Literature French Language and Literature German Language and Literature Italian Language and Literature Latin Language and Literature Linguistics Modern Greek Language and Literature Spanish Language and Literature

  • Health Sciences:

    Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Communication Sciences and Disorders Dietetics Nutrition Sciences Pharmacy

  • History Recommended!

  • Hospitality and Tourism

    Tourism Management

  • Human Services

    Social Work

  • Law/Criminal Justice: Recommended!

    Business Law Criminology International Business, Trade, and Tax Law International Law Legal Studies

  • Library and Information Science Recommended!

  • Mathematics Recommended!

  • Natural Resources/Conservation Recommended!

    Environmental Science

  • Philosophy and Religious Studies


  • Physical Sciences:

    Chemistry Optics Physics Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

  • Psychology:

    Behavioral Sciences Biopsychology Clinical Psychology Cognitive Psychology and Psycholinguistics Counseling Psychology Educational Psychology Forensic Psychology Industrial and Organizational Psychology

  • Social Sciences


  • Sports Studies

    Sports Studies

Academic Requirements

  • U.S. GPA: 2.75 or higher
  • LPR Required
  • LPR Writing Score: A2 - Intermediate Low-Intermediate Mid
  • LPR Reading Score: A2 - Intermediate Low-Intermediate Mid
  • LPR Listening Score: A2 - Intermediate Low-Intermediate Mid
  • LPR Speaking Score: A2 - Intermediate Low-Intermediate Mid
LPR = ISEP Language Proficiency Report

Special Needs Support

  • Mental Health
  • Mobility
  • Hearing
  • Visual
  • Speech
  • Learning

Other Academic Conditions

In order to be adequately prepared to take regular courses in Spanish in the second semester, all students must submit an ISEP Language Evaluation with their application at a minimum of an A2 level of Spanish.

All graduate level courses, including the MBA program, are closed to ISEP students. Medicine is closed to ISEP students.

Law, Dentistry, Nursing, Physical Therapy and Veterinary Medicine courses are restricted, and may not be available to ISEP students. 

Most courses in fine arts are year-long in nature. Students may need professorial approval to enroll in these courses if only attending Murcia for a semester. This cannot be guaranteed in advance.

To avoid scheduling conflicts, students are required to take 50% of their classes within the same degree program, and it is highly reccomended that students plan to take all of their classes on one campus. 

Students must register for a minimum of 24 ECTS and a maximum of 30 ECTS. 1 ECTS = 0.5 U.S. credits, so a 6 credit course in Spain is equivalent to a 3 credit course in the U.S. Your home university ultimately determines credit conversion. 

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Universidad de Murcia

Murcia, Spain



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