• Discover the rich cultural and historic heritage of Normandy during this 3-week or 5-week program

• Take French language, history, and culture courses with included field trips and earn the equivalent of 5-8 U.S. credits

• Live with a host family and gain insight into French family life while improving your French speaking and listening skills


Excursions & Cultural Experiences 

Alongside academics, students participate in exursions including discovery of the main Norman sites and attractions: Mont-Saint-Michel, Bayeux Tapestry, D-Day landing sites, Honfleur, Etretat, and Giverny, discovery of the city of Caen, and end-of session celebratory dinner. 

Housing & Meals 

Students can choose to live with homestay families in the community. As part of the homestay program students recieve 14 meals per week (breakfast and dinner daily). Residence halls on campus are an alternative option available to students. Students residing in the residence hall will have access to a shared kitchen and may want to budget about $300-$400 for meals. Students will also have access to grocery stores, cooking facilities, and a multitude of dining options with affordable meal choices.

Explore Caen

Located in the Normandy region not far from the D-Day beaches and the English Channel, Caen is a growing city famed for its two Roman abbeys and its 11th-century castle which houses a museum.  Paris is about two hours away by train. The campus of Université de Caen is walking distance from the old city, where students can enjoy quaint streets with shops and cafes. Students actually walk through a moat and castle from the old city to reach the main university campus! 


This program qualifies for the ISEP French and German Language Annette Kade Fund Scholarship. The scholarship awards $500 - $1,500 USD to students who are from a U.S. institution and studying French or German language in Austria, France, Germany, Reunion Island, or Switzerland. Learn more here.

See ISEP Direct budget and estimated expenses

Course Description

Students have the option of attending Session 1 &2 for a total of 5 weeks of French Language, Culture, and excursions and 120 hours of instruction, or for Session 2 only with 75 hours of instruction lasting 3 weeks.  

SESSION 1 – two weeks 

Students spend the first 2 weeks earning a total of 45 hours of French (approximately 3 U.S. credits) taking courses in French language and French Culture in the mornings and having the afternoons free to explore historic Caen or traveling to local towns or the beach! 

Week 1 

All students will take a morning course of Intensive French (22.5 hours) at all levels (A1-C1) 

Week 2 

Students will select one of the following three classes (22.5 hours each) to study during week two: 

French Language & Culture with excursions to famous local sites

Jean Monnet Module: Memory and Future of the European Union an innovative multidisciplinary approach to the EU

• Didactics of French as a Foreign Language (FFL) designed for students who want to become French Teachers 

SESSION 2 – three weeks 


Students enroll in 45 hours of French Language courses based on their French language level (A1 to C1), equivalent to approximately 3 U.S. credits. Previous knowledge of French is not required. Mornings are dedicated to intensive French language instruction, including practice in oral and written communication, reinforcement of grammatical structures, vocabulary enrichment and oral practice in an audio lab. 


For the afternoons, participants choose one of the two following thematic tracks, comprising 30 hours (approximately 2 U.S. credits) of classroom instruction and site visits:

French Cultural Heritage: 

Beginner to Low Intermediate French level: French society, culture, and gastronomy

High Intermediate to Advanced French level: Art, history and literature of Normandy

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Université de Caen

Founded in 1432 the Université de Caen enrolls 24,000 students each year, including about 2,000 foreign students from 50 countries. Located in the Normandy region not far from the D-Day...


(in French)

*This program is OK for Sophomores

Fields of Study

  • Area Studies Recommended!

    French Studies

  • Foreign Languages and Literatures Recommended!

    French Language and Literature

  • Language and Culture Recommended!

Academic Requirements

  • U.S. GPA: 2.75 or higher
    *accepts lower GPA with explanation
  • LPR Required
  • LPR Writing Score: A1 - Novice High
  • LPR Reading Score: A1 - Novice High
  • LPR Listening Score: A1 - Novice High
  • LPR Speaking Score: A1 - Novice High
LPR = ISEP Language Proficiency Report

Special Application Instructions

The course entitled Didactics of French as a Foreign Language (FFL) is primarily intended for teachers or future teachers of French as a foreign language. Academic or professional background may be required

Special Needs Support

  • Mental Health
  • Mobility
  • Hearing
  • Visual
  • Speech
  • Learning

Other Academic Conditions

Program dates:

5-Week Option: June 9 - July 13 comprised of Sessions 1 & 2 (120 hours of instruction or approx. 8 U.S. Credits earned)

3-Week Option: June 23 - July 13 comprised of Session 2 only (75 hours of instruction or approx. 5 U.S. Credits earned)

PASSPORT: All students must have a valid passport to participate in this program. If you do not have a valid passport, we suggest you start the application process as soon as possible. 

VISA/RESIDENCE PERMIT: Students with U.S. citizenship attending programs in France for less than 90 days are not required to obtain a French visa. All other students should inquire with their local French embassy if they will be required to obtain a Schengen Visa for the duration of their Summer program in France prior to arrival. For more information on the process and estimated cost, please review the ISEP Country Handbook here.

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Université de Caen

Caen, France



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