• Explore the neon-lit streets of Seoul – one of the most renowned cultural capitals of the world. From its five UNESCO World Heritage Sites to its high-tech subways, there’s no shortage of things to do and places to see in a city brimming with history, culture, and personality. 

• Globally recognized for its leading role in exchange programs, Ewha Womans University offers an expansive range of classes in both English and Korean. 

• Enjoy opportunities to join excursions in and around the city of Seoul. Past experiences have included Korean cooking classes, a visit to a palace, a farm tour, and a party for international students. 

• Although Ewha is an all-female institution, the international program opens its doors to international students of all genders. 


Study in the youth-centric district of Sinchon - an area that includes one of the most popular shopping districts in the city. Full of cafes, restaurants, artisan vendors, street music, and performers: Seoul is a city on many people’s bucket list!


Live in the I-House resident hall and mingle with students from around the world. Laundry facilities, a computer lounge, and a fitness center are all accessible without stepping foot out of the dorms. This program is also very welcoming to non-traditional students, and housing alternatives are typically easy to arrange.  


In the I-House residence hall, you will have access to a small grocery store and a kitchenette to make buying or cooking your own meal a breeze. On campus, there are a variety of food options available to choose from. Or you can head outside to taste the street food of Korea, including spicy noodle bowls and mouth-watering Korean barbecue that is sure to satisfy your hunger cravings. We recommend ISEP Direct students budget 1,600,000 KRW per semester for meals.  


At campus orientation, meet your Peace Buddy, who will help you get acquainted with the campus, the city, and classes. The buddies do numerous activities with international students, including hangouts and events, providing academic help, and arranging cultural trips. 


South Korea is very traveler-friendly, especially for those on a tight budget. Want to know what it means to live like a local in all areas of the country? There is no excuse not to when the transportation is as brilliant as it is in South Korea. The convenient and inexpensive transportation via train, planes, and cars makes it easy to plan a group outing to a K-pop concert or explore the willow-tree-lined Juwangsan National Park. 


The Support Center for Students with Disabilities helps students by establishing systems for navigating university life and providing services that match the student’s unique characteristics. You will also have access to the on-campus Counseling Center for assistance with any mental health concerns that may arise during your time abroad.  


Volunteer for Ewha’s English tutor program and help students hone their English abilities while simultaneously building lasting friendships with locals.  


Brian (Kyung Hwan) Min, ISEP’s Seoul-based team member, provides extra support for ISEP students in Seoul and holds ISEP student meet-up events two to three times a semester. Past examples of events he has held include stamp-making and leather case-making, temple food tasting and a K-pop dancing session. Brian has an academic background in Psychology (BA), Women’s and Gender Studies (BA), and Higher Education and Student Affairs (MA). After studying in the US, Brian returned to Korea in 2015 and served in the Air Force. He has also worked in intercultural education, tourism, online teaching, and entrepreneurship (start-up). Brian is passionate about student success and fostering an inclusive and safe environment. 

What We Love About Ewha 

We love the student amenities on this program – from the assigned peace buddies to the designated on-campus nap spots where you can catch some shut-eye and charge your phone, there is a lot offered to make you feel at home.  

See ISEP Direct budget and estimated expenses

Program Website

Course Description

Ewha Womans University offers an exciting range of classes in both English and Korean.  Classes that have been popular for past students are highlighted in the chart below.  But keep an eye open for other English language classes that go beyond Korean language and culture, such as Social Sciences, Fine Arts, International Studies, Business, Sciences, Fashion, Sports Management and more.  And if you are seeking courses taught in Korean, your options are virtually limitless.  

Credits Earned 

Students who complete the program in good standing can expect to earn 12-18 credits which ISEP recommends is the equivalent of 12-18 U.S. Credit Hours. Each course will be worth approximately 3 credits and meets 3 hours per week. 

Practical Korean language classes (aimed at preparing basic Korean for everyday life) are worth 3 credits but meet 6 hours per week. 

If you use financial aid, please speak with a qualified financial aid advisor to understand your academic obligations and the requirements for using financial aid. 

Sample Classes Available: 




 International/Global Studies 





Korean Language


Intercultural Communication 


Comparative Politics 


Financial Management 


Practical Korean: Beginner


Advertising Campaigns 


International Public Governance 


Business Communication 


Practical Korean: Intermediate


News Reporting and Writing 


History of Political Thoughts 


Managing Organization Behavior 


Practical Korean: Advanced 


Communication and Society 


International History of East Asia 


Strategic Management 


Academic Korean 1-4


For detailed instructions on how to search for all available courses, please click on the "other academic conditions" dropdown link below.

Website for Course Availability

ISEP STUDENT SERVICES OFFICER Rachel Brown 703-504-9994 | Thanks for your interest in ISEP Study Abroad! I’m your Student Services Officer and main point of contact here at ISEP. As you search for programs, I'll be available to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to contact me at any point in your search process for help, tips or advice.


(in English)

*This program is OK for Sophomores

Fields of Study

  • Area Studies:

    Asian Studies Korean Studies

  • Biology

  • Business Recommended!

  • Communication Recommended!

  • Computer and Information Sciences

  • Education

    Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language

  • Engineering:

    Chemical Engineering Electrical and Electronics Engineering Environmental Engineering Mechanical Engineering

  • English Language and Literature

  • Foreign Languages and Literatures Recommended!

    Korean Language and Literature

  • International/Global Studies Recommended!

    International Relations and Affairs

  • Language and Culture

  • Liberal Arts and Sciences


  • Natural Resources/Conservation

    Environmental Science

  • Psychology

  • Social Sciences

  • Visual and Performing Arts:

    Apparel and Textiles Studio Arts

Academic Requirements

  • U.S. GPA: 2.5 or higher

Special Application Instructions

Undergraduate applicants must have completed one full semester at their home university before applying to Ewha and must have the equivalent of a 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale.

Graduate students must provide official transcript of graduate-level studies. Undergraduate level GPA is not considered. Graduate level students must have completed one full semester at their home university before applying to Ewha.

Ewha does not require any proof of English language proficiency. As long as you're confident you can follow classes in English or Korean, you are welcome to apply.

Students are required to submit an internal application following their placement which is required of the host institution. Instructions will be sent by the ISEP Host Coordinator by email. 

PASSPORT: All students must have a valid passport to participate in this program. If you do not have a valid passport, we suggest you start the application process as soon as possible.

VISA/RESIDENCE PERMIT: Most students attending this program will be required to obtain a visa/residence permit. For more information on the process and estimated cost, please review the ISEP Country Handbook here.

Special Needs Support

  • Mobility
  • Hearing
  • Visual
  • Speech

Other Academic Conditions

Students can enroll in English or Korean-taught offerings, provided they are proficient enough to participate. Use the course availability link to access Ewha's English-taught and Korean-taught lecture schedule.

Click here for instructions on how to navigate Ewha Womans University's course catalog website.

To view a list of all classes, select the most recent semester that corresponds to the one you plan to attend. Semester 1 is Spring, semester 2 is Fall. From there, click "Excel" to download a spreadsheet of all courses for that semester, or use the drop-down options to find specific courses with clickable syllabus information.

Ewha also offers Korean language courses during their program.

Please see courses in English for more information on courses available for ISEP students.

Undergraduate: General courses are available 

Restrictions may apply to Art & Design, Music, ELTEC Engineering, Education, and Scranton Honors Program

• Courses in Business and Art & Design are particularly competitive. Students seeking to take these courses should have course flexibility.

• Nursing, Medicine, and Pharmacy are not available to exchange students. 

Graduate: General courses are available - please see eligibility requirements under "Special Application Instructions”. 

• Some courses in the Graduate School of International Studies are available. 

• English-taught courses at the School of Law are available. 

• Courses in the Graduate School of Business are available for graduate students only. 

• The Professional Schools and the Special Graduate Schools are not available, except those mentioned above. 

Due to housing restrictions, Exchange students can only enroll for single semesters. Only Direct students can enroll for a Full Year placement. 

Students wishing to study for a full year should consider starting their program at the beginning of the academic year in February. Be sure to search for courses using the correct semester parameters: SM1 (Spring) is March to June; SM2 (Fall) is September to December. 

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