Artevelde University of Applied Sciences offers a range of programs taught in English in the fields of education, business management and communication management. Each program excels because of its specific focus and its mixture of both international and Flemish students, providing an interesting intercultural atmosphere.

Artevelde offers semester programs of business courses for both international and local students, in mixed classrooms. The aim is to prepare students to live and work in a multicultural environment, free from prejudices sometimes preventing a fruitful cooperation. Artevelde Business School excels in practical education with applied exercises, lots of real-life assignments, group work, presentations, and more. Students will not have time to sit still and will need to network with class mates to stand out. 


ISEP students studying at Artevelde are accommodated in the university's student residences.  Students receive a meal stipend used to shop for groceries, eat in the cafeteria and occasionally visit restaurants, but will be expected to budget accordingly.

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Course Description

Artevelde Business School has a strong emphasis on doing business in the European Union and general business subjects. The modules incorporate both introductory and advanced level coursework. 

ISEP students select one single package and take all courses within that module. Within each package students can choose an elective course. Packages are called ABS. ABS 1 – 9 are offered in the Autumn semester and ABS 10- 16 are offered in the Spring semester.  

You can view details regarding the courses in each package and the elective courses in the following links. Please keep in mind that it is not possible to mix modules or programs.

Autumn Course Packages 

Spring Course Packages

The semester is divided into ‘sprints’ for a period of 8 weeks. These ‘sprints’ are comprised of class time, guest lectures, company visits, assessments and more.  After those 8 weeks of one class, you will move onto another 8 weeks of the next class. This approach is designed to help you dedicate your focus on one subject at a time. A few packages will have multiple courses running at the same time.

A full academic year at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences has a workload of 60 ECTS, a semester has 30 ECTS.

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ISEP STUDENT SERVICES OFFICER Quiamony Gaskins 703-504-9963 | Thank you for your interest in ISEP Study Abroad! I’m your Student Services Officer and main point of contact here at ISEP. As you search for programs, I’ll be available to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to contact me at any point in your search process for help, tips or advice.

Artevelde University of Applied Sciences

Located in Ghent, the largest student city in Belgium, Artevelde University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest university colleges in Flanders, with over 15,000 students. The university educates...


(in English)

Fields of Study

  • Business: Recommended!

    Accounting Business Management E-Commerce Economics Entrepreneurship Finance International Business/Trade/Commerce Logistics, Materials, and Supply Chain Management Marketing

Academic Requirements

  • U.S. GPA: 2.75 or higher
    *accepts lower GPA with explanation
  • TOEFL iBT Score: 72
  • IELTS Score: 6
  • LPR Required
  • LPR accepted as alternate to TOEFL or IELTS
  • LPR Writing Score: B2 - Intermediate High-Advanced
  • LPR Reading Score: B2 - Intermediate High-Advanced
  • LPR Listening Score: B2 - Intermediate High-Advanced
  • LPR Speaking Score: B2 - Intermediate High-Advanced
LPR = ISEP Language Proficiency Report

Special Needs Support

  • Mental Health
  • Mobility
  • Hearing
  • Visual
  • Speech
  • Learning

Other Academic Conditions

The program prefers students with some prior knowledge of business, but it is possible to be a new student in Business and take one of the semester programs to get introduced to what it is to do business in Europe and the rest of the world.  

Once placed, students will be required to fill out an additional institutional application. 

Non-native English speakers must submit a Language Proficiency Report with their ISEP application. 

*Students can only take courses from one package and one department. It is not possible to take courses from various modules or departments at Artevelde. 

All participants are required to stay through the official program dates and take all exams in person. It is not possible to depart early from this program. Exams in the Autumn semester take place during the month of January. Spring exams take place in the month of June.

PASSPORT: All students must have a valid passport to participate in this program. If you do not have a valid passport, we suggest you start the application process as soon as possible. 

VISA/RESIDENCE PERMIT: Most students attending this program will be required to obtain a visa/residence permit. For more information on the process and estimated cost, please review the ISEP Country Handbook here.

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Artevelde University of Applied Sciences

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