Environmental Science at the University of Auckland focuses on real-world problems and understanding environmental issues caused by human activity. The program is dedicated to protecting and restoring natural heritage, minimizing human impact and restoring environmental degradation.

Marine Science offers you the chance to learn about many different facets of New Zealand's coasts and oceans, and opens up a world of opportunities for students who want to study and work in the marine environment. Unviersity of Auckland has has field courses that use our excellent research facilities at the Leigh Marine Laboratory, north of Auckland, and the research vessel Hawere.

This program is offered as part of a University of Auckland Specialty Programs Scholarship. Students who qualify for this program receive a catered meal plan, plus a $250 USD scholarship. Students who apply for this program will be asked to complete a short essay explaining their academic or professional interest in environmental or marine science. Please fill out the application form on the scholarship link by the deadline.

Program Website

Course Description

 Environmental and Marine Science students can take any classes at the University of Auckland that are open to study abroad students, but here are some examples of courses you can choose:

Ecology and Evolution - The Continuum of Life BIOSCI 109 Semester One

Plant Diversity BIOSCI 323 Semester Two

Freshwater and Estuarine Ecology MARINE 303 Semester One

Animal Behaviour BIOSCI 337 Semester Two

Field Skills and Methods in Earth Science EARTHSCI 201 Semester One

Earth History EARTHSCI 202 Semester One

All the examples above feature 1-5 day field trips. Please check the website for course availability to confirm course availability.

Website for Course Availability

ISEP STUDENT SERVICES OFFICER Amanda Ewert 703-504-9986 | aewert@isep.org Thank you for your interest in ISEP Study Abroad! I’m your Student Services Officer and main point of contact here at ISEP. As you search for programs, I’ll be available to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to contact me at any point in your search process for help, tips or advice.


(in English)

*This program is OK for Sophomores

Fields of Study

  • Biology:

    Animal Physiology Botany/Plant Biology Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography Marine Sciences Plant Physiology Wildlife Biology Zoology/Animal Biology

  • Natural Resources/Conservation: Recommended!

    Environmental Science Marine Resources Management Sustainability Studies

  • Physical Sciences Recommended!

Academic Requirements

  • U.S. GPA: 3 or higher
  • TOEFL iBT Score: 80
  • TOEFL Writing Score: 21
  • IELTS Score: 6
  • IELTS Writing Score: 5.5
  • IELTS Reading Score: 5.5
  • IELTS Listening Score: 5.5
  • IELTS Speaking Score: 5.5

Special Application Instructions

You must complete the University of Auckland internal application after you are placed at the University of Auckland.

Special Needs Support

  • Mental Health
  • Mobility
  • Hearing
  • Visual
  • Speech
  • Learning

Other Academic Conditions

This site operates on the Southern Hemisphere calendar. Be sure to search for courses using the correct semester parameters: Southern Hemisphere SM1 is February to June; Southern Hemisphere SM2 is July to November.

Courses not offered to study abroad students:

• Courses offered in Medicine, Surgery, Pharmacy and Optometry.

• Courses running for the whole academic year - e.g. PSYCH 308A and 308B (expect students enrolled for the whole University of Auckland academic year – February to November).

• 100 level courses in Fine Arts, Architecture and Planning (unless the student is majoring in the subject at their home university).

• BUSINESS 101 and BUSINESS 102.

• Graduate School of Management courses running on a quarterly basis – eg, BUSACT, BUSADMIN etc.

• Courses ending with the letters F or H - e.g. HISTORY 91F or MAORIHTH 14H. These are foundation year courses and not appropriate for Exchange students.

• Stage I Engineering courses (ENGGEN 115, ENGGEN 121, ENGGEN 131, ENGGEN 140, ENGGEN 150, ENGSCI 111, ELECTENG 101, CHEMMAT121) except for those ending in G.

• Courses offered in the Faculty of Law - Part II courses, Part III yearlong courses and Part IV Advocacy, Mediation and Negotiation courses.

• Policy 702

• GLOBAL 100, GLOBAL 200 & GLOBAL 300

• Nursing

Courses with limited enrollment availability:

• Biological Science, Psychology and Computer Science courses

• Courses showing the letter “G” – e.g. PHYSICS 107G.

• 700 level Finance and Accounting courses.

We recommend that students have a second choice option for each course with limited enrolment availability. Students from these areas must apply early, in particular for Semester Two.

PASSPORT: All students must have a valid passport to participate in this program. If you do not have a valid passport, we suggest you start the application process as soon as possible.

VISA/RESIDENCE PERMIT: Most students attending this program will be required to obtain a visa/residence permit. For more information on the process and estimated cost, please review the ISEP Country Handbook here.

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